All planned maintenance at the gas storage Inzenham-West is published here.

Period Description Note
05:00 until 18:00
Maintenance works Shutdown for 2 days
08:00 until 16:00
yearly Emergency Check - date 1 no injection or withdrawal possible Shutdown for 3 days
08:00 until 16:00
yearly Emergency Check - date 2 no injection or withdrawal possible CANCELED

NAFTA Speicher Inzenham will inspect and consider justified requests for shifting of maintenance.

The aim is to have maintenances in the storage and in the connected network in parallel to minimize restrictions. Any restrictions from planned maintenance refer to the complete plant capacities. Individual contract parties will be informed bilaterally regarding their contract restrictions.

To further minimize restrictions for shippers and storage customers, Storage System Operator (SSO) and Transmission System Operator (TSO) will use the Operational Balancing Account (OBA).