NAFTA Speicher is the owner and technical operator of underground gas storage facilities Breitbrunn/Eggstätt, Inzenham-West and Wolfersberg in Bavaria with a total storage capacity of 1.8 bcm.
The company is engaged in operation and development of all three gas storage facilities as well as marketing of storage capacities and related services at Inzenham-West.
NAFTA Speicher is the technical operator for storage facilities Breitbrunn/Eggstätt and Wolfersberg. The Storage System Operators (SSO) for these two storages are Uniper Gas Storage and Bayerngas, respectively. Storage facility Inzenham-West is operated by NAFTA Speicher and its SSO is NAFTA Speicher Inzenham – a wholly owned subsidiary of NAFTA Speicher.
NAFTA Speicher is a subsidiary of NAFTA – a growing international company, member of the EPH Group, with extensive experience in natural gas storage management and development and in exploration and production of oil and gas in Central Europe.
NAFTA Speicher is benefiting from NAFTA’s 45-year-long experience in gas storage business. Outside of Germany, NAFTA also operates its own storages linked to the Slovak and Austrian markets and serves as the technical operator for third party storages in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.